Monday, April 15, 2013

for Boston

Today someone placed several bombs around Boston. At least two of them were detonated during the Boston Marathon. The last report that we listened to said there were two people killed (I believe one was a young child) and over a hundred people injured.

The news is filled with stories from different witnesses and victims.  Social media is so full of comments that those who don't comment almost seem insensitive. Once again our nation's collective heart is breaking.

I am sad. I am angry. I am anxious. I am relieved that no one I know or am related to was anywhere near this madness.  And I almost feel guilty about feeling relieved when so many have been so injured and frightened.

And then I try to think how God must feel watching this all unfold. How His heart must rage at the injury caused to innocent people. How His heart must weep for anyone killed who had not accepted Him as Savior.

"If just once / I could see / This world / The way You see / I just know / I'd serve You / More faithfully."

Monday, April 1, 2013

God doesn't waste hurts

I have a new friend whom I will call Annie in this post.  She and her husband marked a very special anniversary today.....the one year anniversary of his stroke.  (Yes, his friends thought he was pulling an April Fool's Day prank one year ago.)  And just like my husband, her husband is very much a miracle.

Annie and I talk on the phone now and then, mostly about strokes.  We compare medical facts, describe our families, cry, laugh, and pray on the phone.  She says it does her good to talk to someone who has gone through it already.  I say it does me good to have someone else to encourage.  Hence, the title of this post!

God does not waste hurts.  God allowed our family to go through a really tough time when my husband had his stroke.  But that time was not wasted.  Those times when our hearts hurt so badly were not for no reason.  All those prayers we prayed were not in vain!  Every member of our family can give you a list of things that God taught them or made them aware of during the recovery time.  There have been some people saved, some people encouraged, some people educated.  When you are in the depths of a trial remind yourself that God doesn't waste hurts!  "To everything there is a season."  You may not be able to see His plan now or ever, but there is one and He does not allow you to hurt for no good reason.